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vsֿɭ Chongqing is the youngest municipality in China. With the implementation of Government policy 'The western development of China, Chongqing, this beautiful mountainous city, has been endowed with infinite vitality and opportunities. In the more recent years of development, the city of Chongqing has flourished rapidly due to the ever-increasing foreign investment and real estate development within this city. In the near future, Chongqing will emerge as the fourth biggest city in China in the upper stream of Yangtze River.

Under the influence of Chongqing preferential background and resources, Super City has done thorough investigation, research and analysis of the real estate market in Chongqing for one and a half years. With undoubted confidence, Super City set up Chongqing Yudou Property Consultant Co., Ltd. in November 2001 under the flagship of Super City Group.

In 2003, Super City has participated and co-operated with various real estate projects and acting as sole agent for over 1,000,000 square meters in scale in Chongqing. With the principle of 'professional consultant, effective service, Super City Chongqing has provided integrated comprehensive services, which includes market survey, investment evaluation, project outline, planning and advisory service, graphic design, leasing promotion, business consulting and management consultant service. In addition, the company has also provided both the individual and enterprise the agency services of residence leasing, premium office leasing and business industry leasing.

Please contact Super City Chongqing with any real estate business inquiries:
Address: Room 10D, Chongqing Hotel Business Building No. 283 Min Sheng Road,Yu Zhong District, Chongqing 400010
Tel: +86 23 6372 8088
Fax: +86 23 6372 8388


Email: [email protected]

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