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ֿɭ:Asset Management

vsֿɭ Super City has developed a comprehensive Asset Management Services tailor-made to assist investor in the effective collection of rental and handling of all tenancy matters in China. The service includes day to-day lease administration, rental collection, net rental remittance, lease renewal, tenant/customer service, repair/maintenance and housekeeping service, etc. specially designed to enhance the return of investment properties.

What We Do For Asset Management

  • Property Asset Management drives property value growth through sophisticated scenario planning and forecasting that can be efficiently implemented into the day to day management of target real estate project, delivering more profit, sooner.
  • Super City has been committed to a leading asset management service with a proven track record in all aspects of asset management including real estate investment trusts (REITS), investment funds portfolio, structuring and restructuring and corporate and structured finance.
  • Our client will receive a quarterly portfolio report forecasting projected income that enables effective tenant management, profiles physical and financial risk and ensures consistent market yield on a five-year rolling basis, improving the quality of moon River project portfolio..
  • Our long-term strategy, along with our advanced information systems and depth of experience, taps into new revenue potential while simultaneously reducing expenses, managing risk, In short, Super City provide clients with better knowledge and deeper security and allow clients to have the higher time efficiency possible to focus on making strategic core business decisions.

Our Purpose

Super City creates No. 1 serviced apartment leasing brand in China

  • Leasing serviced apartment of Super City
  • Advocate lifestyle-oriented serviced apartment brand
  • As a brand for investment product
  • As the largest real estate brand in China
  • Create comfortable life with hardware and software services
  • Establish an attractive brand for Investors in REIT market

Operation Scope

1. Financing
2. Design & Development Management
3. Operation Management
4. Leasing strategy
5. Finance Management
6. Project Management

Market Position

Operation Team Structure

Our Clients

Shanghai Properties - Total Area: 380,000 Sqm

Seasons Villa
  • Hutchison Whampoa Limited
  • 230 units, total area 40,000 sq. m
Sun Plaza Serviced Apartment
  • Shanghai Ai Min Investment Co., Ltd.
  • 336 units, total area 58000 sq. m
Gubei Sun Plaza Serviced
  • Shanghai Ai Min Investment Co., Ltd.
  • 80 units, total area 11000 sq. m
Tian Ci Serviced Apartment
  • Shanghai Tian Ci Group
  • 113 units, total area 10,000 sq. m
Mandarine de Gubei Serviced
  • Super Ocean Group
  • 300 units, total area 40,000 sq. m
Celebrity Serviced Apartment
  • Shanghai Hui Feng Real Estate Co., Ltd
  • 418 units, total area 40592 sq. m
Gu Yang Serviced Apartment
  • Donghu Group-----Hongqiao State Guest House
  • 29 units, total area 3130 sq. m
Kingscourt Serviced
  • Shanghai Jinghong Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • 112 units, total area 12 780 sq. m
Shanghai Elite Garden
  • Shanghai Lin Yuan Da Xiong Industrial Co., Ltd
  • 10 units, total area 1972 sq. m
China Green Town Apartment
  • Shanghai LV YU real estate development Co., Ltd.
  • 1,000 units, total area 150,000 sqm
High Sure All Suite Hotel
  • Shanghai High Sure All Suite Hotel
  • 79 units, total area 6,320 sq. m
Jin Du Serviced Apartment
  • New Changning Group
  • 113 units, total area24,000 sq. m
Xijiao Apartment Hotel
  • Donghu Group
  • 40 units, total area 10,000 sq. m
Hotel Yuanlin Villa
  • Hotel Yuanlin Shanghai
  • 35 units, total area 5,000 sq. m
Xijiao Apartment Hotel
  • Donghu Group
  • 40 units, total area 10,000 sq. m
Nanxiang Green Valley Villa
  • Shanghai Nanxiang Green Valley Co., Ltd.
  • 100 units, total area 20,000 sq. m
Century XP Apartment
  • BES Group
  • 400 units, total area 30,000 sq. m

Beijing Properties - Total Area: 150,000 sqm

Tian An Plaza Serviced
  • Beijing Central Sun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • 160 units, total area 53,833 sq. m
Lake Charm Serviced
  • 245 units, total area 41538 sq. m
Windsor Avenue
  • Beijing Yi He Real Estate Co., Ltd
  • 366 units, total area 60,000 sq. m

Suzhou Properties - Total Area: 78,000 sqm

Regalia Serviced Apartment
  • Grand Central Holdings Ltd..
  • 200 units, total area 28,000 sq. m
Chateau Regency
  • Suzhou KG Landmark Development Co., Ltd.
  • 166 units, total area 20,000 sq. m
Lakeshore Garden
  • JINGHOPE (Suzhou) Property Co., Ltd.
  • 740units, total area 30,000 sq. m

Classic Case Study of Selected Properties

Mandarin City Shanghai

Sole Agency & Block Sale
20 Floors, 5 Blocks
Total Area:50,000 sqm
1 Bedroom: 76 sqm
2 Bedrooms:122 sqm
3 Bedrooms:165 sqm

Property sale was in dilemma due to overall buying & selling market downturn in 1999.
With an approach of lease driving property sale, selling point with higher return formed.
Implementation of tenancy management brought high yield of 15%.Focusing high-end market and high efficiency satisfied the investors. The project was successfully bought out by Hong Kong famous fund with yield of 9% of three consecutive years in 2002.

Seasons Villa Shanghai

Sole Agent
20 Floors, 12 Blocks
Total Area:40,000 sqm
2 Bedrooms:125 sqm
3 Bedrooms:153 sqm

The only agent appointed by Hutchison Whampoa Limited, the largest real estate company in Hong Kong, Super City took this project when overall leasing market was downturn and high-end lease market was going up.
Provision of tailor-made service for expatriates, introducing brand new conception of leasing approach, create new selling point with high quality software.
Super City has been the top agent resulted from successful project promotion, which helped Seasons Villa reach over 90% occupancy rate.

Tian Ci Apartment

Sole Agent
19 Floors, 1 Blocks
Total Area:10,000 sqm
1 bedroom: 38-92 sqm
2 bedrooms: 101-124 sqm

Developer accepted Super City as on-site sole agent at the time the occupancy rate for Tian Ci was very low.
Introduction of tenant from Multi-national company to Tian Ci by Super City. We drove other agent company's participation into lease at the same time.
The occupancy rate and rental almost doubled from RMB800,000 / month to RMB1,500,000/month during the time of Super City agency. Annual Rental revenue reached 18 million two consecutive years, which laid solid foundation for selling out the property with 30% increased of unit price and a yield of 8%.

Sun Plaza

Sole Agent and Asset Management
29 Floors, 2 Blocks.
Total Area: 66,000 sqm.
1 bedroom: 93-101 sqm.
2 bedrooms: 136-151 sqm.
3 bedrooms:183-220 sqm.

Leading service apartment with our marketing and knowledge that set new benchmark in Shanghai.
Adjustment of product and service made it Japanese property and well known among Japanese community.
We maintain excellent occupancy rate whenever it was ups and downs. We also created the first class image for property that was the first of its kind in Shanghai. The agency term was from year of 1995 to year of 2000, which is the longest on-site agency.
Please Email us with any inquiries and or for more informaiotn regarding Asset Management Service
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