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¹ֿɭ:Industrial Space Leasing

vsֿɭ Super City Industrial Department was established in 2002 equipped with a proven specialty and experience in the diverse sales and leasing transactions of all types of industrial properties. We offer flexible, on-demand and design-to-fit project solutions and escort-styled services to potential clients who intend to survey factory space & land; investors who desire to purchase/lease; and owners who plan to sell and sublease, re-develop or acquire industrial premises within the Shanghai area and/or other regions in China. Our experts conduct strictly under the restrictions and rules by local government and our service procedures are transparent, well-controlled and efficient in order to best represent our clients and deliver their specific requirements.

Service Range To Include:

  • 1.  Selection of industry building
  • 2.  Market survey around industry building
  • 3.  Related certification verification
  • 4.  Tax policy introduction
  • 5.  Leasing term negotiation
  • 6.  Rental negotiation
  • 7.  Compiling lease contract
  • 8.  After services
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