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vsֿɭ Based on our 10 years of regional experience, Super City has the most extensive regional knowledge and network, coupling with our global experience; we can offer a unique advisory service best suited to your needs. Our strong local representation, extensive network and database, and strong commitment to serve the clients' best interest, will offer the best solution to your tax and legal questions in Shanghai. Our comprehensive service ranges in industrial sales and lease, investment consulting, market survey, legal procedures of company set-up; management consulting service, accounting and law service, business licensing, application of permits & visa.

Valuation & Professional Services

Drawing on a long term and strong partnership with appointed certified evaluation firms, Super City provides comprehensive Real Estate Evaluation Services over the Shanghai and surrounding areas.

When it comes to sale of a business, the real estate evaluation exerts as a major component in the whole business evaluation process. The services provided by Super City, begin with an in-depth analysis and appraisal of target property, and end with a flawless real estate transaction. In between are a myriad of activities and issues to which an experienced real estate lawyer must address. Super City works along with a team of experts, including real estate appraisers to accurately evaluate each transaction.

We offers appraisal services for the valuation of assets, whether it is for setting up a new fixed assets record for allocation of purchase price or for determining the value of assets for insurable valuation.

China is currently moving towards by pursuing established international accounting standards and adopting more-than-ever modern techniques for asset valuation. A correct and thorough valuation of fixed assets can be a time consuming process and divergence or disagreement on the value of the fixed asset contributions is usually a major problem cited by foreign companies that set up joint ventures in China. An iron-grip control over the process and the appointment of suitable valuators should be critical in facilitating a satisfactory outcome.

No matter whatever your situation would be, we will provide you with maximum details to accomplish your established goals and our accurate valuations depend largely on our economic knowledge and a proper investigation of the business and industry. Our highly professional staff will work to assign the correct value to the asset to ensure a sound financial record and efficient business planning.

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