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ֿɭս:Property Buying & Selling

vsֿɭ Super City Houselink Property Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It specializes in providing sales and acquisition services for luxurious residential and commercial properties.

Based on continuous support from our customers and ever-expanding business outreach, in addition to the Shanghai and Beijing offices, we are planning to set up about 30 branches in Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities in China.

Due to our anticipated growth strategy, Super City Houselink will carry out technological breakthrough by introducing a new advanced centralized database system that facilitates a real-time information exchange within the branches. This will allow more effective access and faster exchange of information for all of our branches.

By advancing in technological system, Super City Houselink Management will take a great leap forward into a system based, market oriented, and expert driven operation service system. This will enable us to provide the most productive, time and cost effective services to our clients.

Procedures for Property Sales Services

  • 1.  Check and verify legal certifications and files of contracted houses, and examine their validity.
  • 2.  Examine and modify contract text of contracted houses.
  • 3.  Assist (or represent) clients in negotiating and signing intermediary contracts, subscription contracts
         and house purchasing contracts.
  • 4.  Assist clients in exerting contract rights and supervising fulfillment of obligation.
  • 5.  Examine legal files of house hand-over and check before acceptance, assist (or represent) to
         hand-over and check before acceptance.
  • 6.  Assist (or represent) clients in handling procedures before check in.
  • 7.  Assist (or represent) to handle procedures of house ownership, and use right registration and deal
         transferring of ownership.
  • 8.  Assist (or represent) contract notarization, representing notarization, inheritance notarization, bestow
  • 9.  Assist (or represent) clients to address legal negotiation to and claim contract rights

For instant and comprehensive real estate sales services, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your specific needs and requirements as soon as possible with a designated service team and a customized service solution.

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