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vsֿɭ Super City's Residential Leasing and Relocation Service have been enjoying a good reputation among the world Fortune 500 companies with business existence and operation in the major cities in China and various foreign consulates since established in 1993.

Super City provides expatriate corporate and or individual clients with professionalism, experience, good faith, creativity and consummate housing agent services and best real estate-relocation solutions including tenant representation, relocation program, orientation program, site inspection, negotiation, due diligence, move-in and life support programs, etc.

Currently, the average number of our successfully closed transactions for residential leasing section itself only in Shanghai has been up to 250 units per month in terms of monthly turnover.

Up till now, our loyal and long term clients come form more than 2,500 multinational companies.


  • Send a dedicated Project Team
  • Uncover the most suitable properties in all kinds of fields
  • Process negotiation for the best possible lease term
  • Ensure the most competitive rental rate package
  • Render the most up-to-date market knowledge
  • Cite Residence or Work Permit as part of our services
  • Initiate a hassle-free transition to a foreign environment
  • Tackle corporation's entire real estate portfolio
  • Yield comprehensive follow-up services and maximize value for clients

Residential Service

Super City's residential Service is to provide expatriates with one-package hassle-free professional residential relocation solution. With 7 offices in the major cities in China, Super City offers an on-demand cost-time effective solution to support expatriate's relocation in China also including worldwide large multinational company expatriate's relocation strategy in China. Our service portfolio comes in two parts.

A Service Package to assist each individual expatriate's relocation transition to China.

A Corporate Service Solution specifically designed for multinational companies to include:

  • City Orientation
  • Certificate Application
  • Home Search
  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Property Management

Coporate Services

  • Multilingual service team
  • Minimize discomfort of transition to a foreign environment
  • Comprehensive follow-up services in maximum value-added quality
  • All-in-one payment notice with invoice to facilitate A/C process
  • Pre-payment utility bills (water, gas and electricity)
  • 24 hour commitment to repair/maintenance requests.
  • Professional engineer team support.
  • Service of application for certificates for expats

For instant and comprehensive real estate and relocation services, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your specific needs and requirements as soon as possible with a designated service team and a customized service solution.

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