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拜仁vs勒沃库森 Established in 2001, Super City's Retail Space Leasing Service has been committed to providing tailor-made solutions to each client by formulating solid projections including rental appraisal, onsite research report, projections of rental trends and detailed analysis of site potentials. Not only developers and retail space owners but also our clients can count upon Super City to provide the viable tenancy mix solutions. Through our extensive and efficient network all over China, clients can enjoy a variety of services ranging from agency, marketing strategy to consultancy provided by our target-driven customized professional teams specializing in the local retail property market.

Service Range to Include:

  • Value analysis for commercial shops
  • Introductions of location & transportation for target shops
  • Floor plans of target shops
  • Introductions of nearby office buildings, serviced apartments & residential compounds
  • Analysis of surrounding useful resources for shops
  • Market planning for target shops.
  • Market survey and consultancy
  • Project all-around market planning and leasing agent
  • Free & comprehensive evaluation
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