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ֿɭvsʷ:Visa & Certification Application

vsֿɭ Super City Business Consulting Company provides multinational expatriate corporate and individual clients with a full-range consultation and application services for various visas, certificates and permits which are necessary for those who are planning to and or already live and work in China.

Super City's Visa/Certificate services to include:

  • Health check-up
  • Employment license
  • Invitation letter
  • Work permit
  • Residence permit
  • Co-habitation certificate
  • International license alteration
  • "L", "F" visa application
  • Banking account opening
  • Pet registration

What Can Super City Offer


  • Communication with expatriate directly
  • Documents translation
  • Making application forms and letters for chop
  • Collection of documents from expatriates directly or HR
  • Establishment and maintenance of database
  • Documents filing
  • Weekly case report
  • Monthly summary
  • Renewal alerting
  • Bill claiming (settlement of all expenses concerned)
  • Communication with housing agent directly if necessary

To Individual Expatriates

  • Arranging event schedule for expatriates.
  • Making appointment for medical check-up.
  • Accompanying expatriates to receive medical check-up
  • Accompanying expatriates to apply for residence permit
  • Answering relevant enquiries from expatriate anytime

For Housing Agents

  • To help guide through the temporary residence registration at local police station if necessary

Our Advantages:

  • Multi-lingual staff members, smooth and barrier-free communication with clients.
  • Wide business scope.
  • Consulting hotline (English-speaking)
  • Quality clients (multi-national company)
  • Team-work spirit
  • Long term good relationship with clients and various governmental departments.
  • Custom demand-oriented
  • Post-sales services

Chinese Visa/Certificate Information

Chinese visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Chinese visa authorities for entry into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory. The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to a foreigner according to his identity, purpose of visit to China and passport type.

Visas for foreigners

The ordinary visa consists of eight sub-categories, which are marked with Chinese phonetic letters (D, Z, X, F, L, G, C, J-1 and J-2 respectively).
Visa X - For study who want to study in China, or practice as interns for more than 6 months.
Visa F - To visit, teach, do business, or for cultural, scientific or technological exchanges for less than 6 months.
Visa L - For travel, visiting friends and relatives or to deal with some private matters. A group visa can be obtained if more than 9 people come together for travel.

Visas for China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Residents

Visa Conversion

A L visa or a F visa can be upgraded to a Z work visa under some circumstances, this mainly applies to those who come to Shanghai taking high-ranking job titles, e.g., chief representatives of Rep. Offices, professors in schools, or vice general managers with their name showing on the employer business license of foreign-invested companies.

Get a tourist L visa in Shanghai

If you enter into China on a tourist L visa, and want to stay for a little longer than the validity period specified on the current visa, we can help you get a new tourist visa. You can apply for a one month zero-entry or single-entry L visa for at most twice at each entry.

Get a business F visa in Shanghai

If you enter into China on a business F or a tourist L visa, and want to stay longer in China, or want to re-enter into China for business reasons in the future, we can help you get a new F visa according to your needs. You can apply for a zero-entry, single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry visa with the validity for as long as 1 year.

  • Entry number means the number of times you can enter China during the visa period. We recommend you take at least one entry in case you have to return home country under emergency.
  • Please note that visa services for Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Pakistan nationals are temporarily pending due to government policy reasons.

Permit Application

Credential Documents Handling Procedures

Application Procedure:
After your arrival in Shanghai, you need to convert your current visa (L or F visa) to residence permit with 1-year validity. Residence permit validity depends on work permit, namely, it's strictly consistent with the employment contract validity.

Health Certificate:
To apply for the work permit card, fist of all, you will be required to have a health check as soon as you arrive in China. The exam includes blood tests for STD's, chest X-rays, a sonogram, vision test, and general health queries. Within a week of the exam you can receive your Health Check results.

Required documents:

Work Permit (Red Book):
You will need the following items to get your work permit:

Residence Permit Card (Attached to passport):
Finally, you'll need the following items to obtain this Permit: (Once you accommodate in a local apartment, it's necessary for you to register your information in the nearest police precinct. This sort of registration form will be submitted when applying for residence permit card.)
If you will work in a company with registered capital under 3 million US dollars, extra application procedure should be undertaken before entering China.

Employment License and Z visa Notification Letter:
You will send these documents to your HR in Shanghai as below:
Z visa application: You may bring these documents to apply for Z visa in Chinese Embassy / Consulate in your home country as follows: You should enter Shanghai with Z visa; otherwise you are not allowed to apply for work permit afterwards.

You should enter China with Z visa, otherwise you are not allowed to apply for work permit after arrival in China

Driver's License

Foreign / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macao driver licenses and international driver licenses are not recognized for driving in China. Foreigners and overseas Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao areas holding any type of China visa can now apply for a Chinese driver license.

Applying for a driver license in China involves three steps:

  • A simple medical checkup
  • A test for traffic regulations
  • A road test (the road test is not required for those who hold a valid foreign driver license)
  • A Chinese driver license is valid for six years.
Please contact us with any inquiries or for more informantion regarding Visa & Certification Application Services
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